Pasture raised katahdin sheep, beef and chicken

Pasture raised katahdin sheep, beef and chicken



Graze N Grow Farm is run by Jim and Ruth Draper of Sheffield, IL. 

“Jim has raised sheep all of his life. About six years ago, we switched to Katahdin sheep because there wasn't a good market for wool. These sheep just shed their hair in the field, so the don't have to hire a shearer. It costs a lot to have them shorn, and we couldn't get a good price for the wool," said Ruth Draper.    

The Drapers sell lambs "on the hoof" and deliver them to be slaughtered for their customers. They don't use hormones or antibiotics, which is something their customers like.    

"We have a very ethnically diverse customer base. We sell a lot of our lamb to the Hispanic, Muslim and Greek population. We're on Interstate 80, and people see our sheep and turn off the road to find us," she said.


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Grass fed, belted Galloway.   

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Pasture raised Katahdin Sheep for meat production. 

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Pasture raised, organically fed, delicious chicken . Average 6+ pounds each.

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Pasture raised Katahdin Sheep, chicken, and beef available for butcher. 

Graze N Grow Farm

15722 645 East St.

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